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Creating and playing is at the centre of our lives in childhood. Moving into adulthood, however, our emphasis often shifts to a

results-oriented focus. Science has shown how creating and playing is vital for brain health and overall wellbeing which leads to higher performance at work.

Don't consider yourself creative? Perhaps it's time to shift it to make it work for you. 

In these workshops, the creative process is more important as any tangible outcomes. Participants are encouraged to become immersed in the act of creation as a means to enhance wellbeing and creative thought, We never strive for a perfect end result, it is a way into being mindful and expressive.


Each workshop is designed to provide a cathartic experience through empowering attendees to open up to expression.

Become absorbed in mixing a rich earthy pigment paint or have fun with expressive drawing to music.


Empowering Creativity and Expression

At Innerscape Creative Wellbeing Workshops, our mission is to help businesses and individuals unlock their full potential through the power of creativity. We believe that making with your hands is essential to our overall wellbeing, and our workshops are designed to help attendees tap into their own unique form of expression. Our team of experienced artists and facilitators provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your creativity and find inspiration for your art and design projects.

Man in Clay Workshop
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