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Our workshops are grounded in evidence-based techniques for reducing stress and increasing focus. Creating using your hands increases brain function and focus. It is now known to increase oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine to promote a profound sense of well-being within us.

We provide all materials for each session with a particular focus on eco friendly supplies and all workshops can be organised at your space or location of choice. We are partnered with Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire for away days.


As part of our commitment to community impact, for every workshop booked, we offer a complimentary session to a community group in need.


Drawing The Breath


Drawing the breath workshop blends a breathing techniques with expressive drawing techniques. During the 90 minute session you will be guided through prompts and the process of drawing rather than producing a perfect outcome. The time drawing will help connect you to your breath and body, enhancing a sense of connection and introspection. 

This workshop is perfect for individuals and groups who:

  • Would like to create more space to focus

  • Would benefit from learning how to calm the nervous system 

  • Find traditional breathing and meditation techniques hard to focus on


90 minute in person session: £45pp

Virtual session including materials: £35pp

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Create Natural Inks

Create inks using things you might find in your kitchen and garden. During this two hour workshop you will learn about where pigments can be extracted and how to use them. Create a breathtaking landscape painting that reflects a special place to you. As with all the workshops the process is more important than the outcome. 


2 hour in person session £50pp

Virtual session including materials: £40pp

“Everything was explained really clearly but there also was a big emphasis on enjoying the process and not worrying too much about getting the picture perfect!”


Painting To Music

Dance around and get lost in the  music as your paint. Using sustainable paints on paper you will be guided through prompts to connect to the music using a variety of techniques.  

leave the session feeling energised and motivated.

This session is particularly suitable for groups who would benefit from a de-stress. Whether it's a team-bonding activity, a social gathering, or any group event, the session aims to bring people together through a shared and uplifting creative experience.

This session can also be 'Drawing to music' if paints are not suitable in your location. 


60 minute in person session £40pp 

60 minute online session drawing to music £30pp

Sculpting Materials

Sculpture for divergent thinking

Our curated set of challenges is tailored to stimulate creativity and promote innovative thinking. Participants will encounter tasks that encourage them to think outside the box, experiment with different materials, and express their unique perspectives through the medium of sculpture. This dynamic process not only hones artistic skills but also cultivates a mindset that values diversity in problem-solving.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop creative thinking skills

  • Enhance problem-solving abilities

  • Encourage experimentation with different materials

  • Promote eco-conscious creativity with recycled materials


2 hour in person session £69pp

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